Computer Science

Computer Science

The division of Mathematics and Computer Science offers two computer science degrees:

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science provides access to “smart” classrooms with multimedia capabilities, well-equipped computer labs, an undergraduate research lab and computer science tutoring lab. A state-of-the-art robotics lab, added in partnership with Stäubli, provides students hands-on exposure to industrial robotics. Ongoing discussions with area industry leaders influence the ever-changing curriculum in computer science and computer information systems. The industry connection also helps provide training for computer science and CIS majors. 

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
The program in computer science offers students a strong foundation in computer science by following the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology accreditation standards. Students in the program also acquire a solid background in mathematics, which is particularly useful for students who elect to pursue graduate studies in computer science or work in research/engineering environments.

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Systems
The program in computer information systems strikes a balance between knowledge in computer science and business. In addition to taking courses in computer science, students also take courses in business administration and English for enhancing communication skills and knowledge required in a business environment. 

  • Goals Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Graduates of the Computer Science Program will possess the breadth and depth of knowledge sufficient to work and excel in the field of computer science or to pursue advanced study in computer science.

    1.1 Graduates should be able to solve computer-related problems that require the application of mathematics, programming, critical thinking and quantitative reasoning.

    1.2 Graduates should be able to analyze a problem, and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.

     2. Graduates of the Computer Science Program will be effective communicators, problem solvers, critical thinkers and team workers within the computer science profession.

    2.1 Graduates should be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, on a computer science subject.

    2.2 Graduates should be able to work effectively on computer science problems as part of a team.


    3. Graduates of the Computer Science Program will understand the ethical and societal issues relating to the computer science profession and the use of computers in everyday life.

    3.1 Graduates should understand their ethical and professional responsibilities

    3.2 Graduates should understand the impact of computing on individuals, organizations and society.

    4. Graduates of the Computer Science Program will be able to conduct relevant research in computer science.

    4.1 Graduates should be able to locate and gather information relevant to a computer science research subject.

    4.2 Graduates should be able to develop, elaborate and summarize their findings on a computer science subject.