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Field Guide to the Southern Piedmont

The Field Guide to the Southern Piedmont is an identification guide to more than 700 common or distinctive organisms living in the region. The field guide e-book is available to download to a digital device by clicking on the cover page below. It was designed for use as on a tablet, but it will work on any electronic device. For optimal performance, download the PDF and open it within an e-book app on your tablet or smart phone, or save it to your computer. Once downloaded, the field guide will be accessible for use anywhere, regardless of internet connection.

Download the e-book today!

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Sneak peek at the upcoming coloring book

The Southern Piedmont Wildlife Coloring Book is a fun and free way to learn about local organisms. Each page will be able to be printed as just the coloring page or with an associated natural history description of the organism. The Teacher’s Guide will contain additional information about each organism, an Activity Sheet for Kindergarten and 2nd Grade students, and a listing of South Carolina Science Standards that relate to each species description.

Questions related to the Field Guide to the Southern Piedmont or the Southern Piedmont Wildlife Coloring Book should be directed to Dr. Jon Storm.