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Sociology, Criminal Justice and Women's Studies

The Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice and Women's Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Minors are offered in Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Women's and Gender Studies. Courses are also offered in Anthropology.

Department Chair   
Dr. Samantha Hauptman    

Sociology Faculty

Dr. Laura Jennings, Associate Professor
Dr. Calvin Odhiambo, Associate Professor
Dr. Lizabeth A. Zack, Professor

Criminal Justice Faculty
Dr. Michele W. Covington, Assistant Professor 
Dr. Bob Daly, Instructor of Criminal Justice
Dr. Samantha Hauptman, Associate Professor
Dr. Courtney McDonald, Assistant Professor
Dr. Mary B. Sarver, Associate Professor
Dr. Robert A. Sarver, III, Associate Professor
Dr. Alex Tepperman, Assistant Professor
Dr. Reid C. Toth, Associate Professor
Dr. Tracey L. Woodard, Assistant Professor

Women's and Gender Studies Faculty
Dr. Lisa Johnson-Marsala, Professor

Adjunct Faculty
Carol Broadus, Anthropology

Stephen Denton, Criminal Justice
M. Dwayne Lee, Criminal Justice
Anthony Leibert, Criminal Justice
Brent Metcalf, Criminal Justice
Klay Peterson, Criminal Justice 
Kristin Ramey, Criminal Justice
Michael Van Aelstyn, Criminal Justice 

Magaly Littlejohn, Sociology
Bobbie Reidinger, Sociology
Rodney B. Scherich, Sociology

Jaime Cantrell, Women's & Gender Studies

Administrative Assistant

Brittany Wortman

Palmetto College Program Coordinator/Criminal Justice Instructor
Bill Moore