Course Training

Basic Course (Freshman and Sophomore)

The first two years of ROTC offer many diverse and challenging opportunities. During the one-hour weekly courses, you’ll learn leadership skills, the organization of the Army, basic soldiering skills, first aid, and communications. You’ll also have the opportunity to rappel and acquire marksmanship skills. You are welcome to participate in any physical training or adventure training that we conduct. You can also receive credit for the Basic Course if you completed four years of Junior ROTC (of any service) in high school. If you have not completed four semesters of the Basic Course or are not qualified through JROTC participation, you can still receive credit for the Basic Course in order to enroll in the Advance Course by completing the Leadership Training Course.

Types of training opportunities: 

  • FTX
  • Airborne
  • Air Assault
  • LTC
  • PT.
Advanced Course Training (Junior and Senior)

The last two years of ROTC comprise the Advanced Course. You must sign a contract and agree to serve in the Army Reserve, National Guard or Active Army to complete this program. Upon successful completion of the Advanced Course, you will be an Army Second Lieutenant. Your junior year you will learn small unit tactics and will be taught to lead squad and platoon-sized units. As a senior, you will learn the basics of being an Army officer. In addition, you will train the juniors.

Leadership Lab

The Leadership Lab is an opportunity once a week for the cadets to implement and build on the leadership skills learned in the classroom.  Cadets are rotated between various leadership positions and practice leading other Cadets.  Leadership Lab activities include land navigation, infantry battle tactics, marksmanship, and even water survival training.

Types of training opportunities include: 

  • FTX,
  • LDAC,
  • CTLT,
  • Airborne,
  • Air Assault,
  • PT.