English Literary File

Welcome to English Literary File (ELF), the online, undergraduate journal of the USC Upstate English program. ELF highlights outstanding USC Upstate student writing in various fields of English studies, including literary analysis, literary theory, rhetoric, linguistics and creative writing.

Volume 7, 2017, Special Issue: Digital Texts and Multimedia Writing - Student Editor: Jay Meadows

Volume 6, 2015, Special Issue: Literary Research and Responding to the Critics

Volume 5, 2013 - Student Editor: Alicia Farley

Volume 4, 2012 - Student Editor: Samantha Weiss

Volume 3, 2011, Special Issue: Focus on Composition - Student Editor: Rebecca Humble

Volume 2, 2010 - Editor: Zach Snow

Volume 1, 2009 - Editor: Andy Lopez

For permissions or other information about the journal, contact faculty coordinator, Dr. Celena E. Kusch

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