Film Studies at USC Upstate

Film Studies

With a state-of-the-art computer lab (Creative Cloud suite) and film classes taught by faculty with major publications and film credits, USC Upstate Film Studies recognizes the importance of film and video genres in entertainment, marketing, and communication worldwide. From YouTube and Facebook Video to advertising short films, video-pushing search algorithms, and more networks than ever for sharing feature-length videos and serials, video is the medium of the 21st century. Film students can add film production, editing, writing, and analysis skills to any major at USC Usptate, or enroll in the English major, where you can apply as many as ten film courses to the major requirements. 

The interdisciplinary minor in film studies recognizes the power of film as a medium, art form, entertainment, commercial industry, and serious area of academic study. The minor serves as an excellent complement to degrees in the humanities as well as the sciences. Courses include film history, directors, genres, theory, and introductory and advanced instruction in film and video production.

Students have used their experience with film courses to create marketing videos for local non-profit organizations and companies, to contribute to short film festivals, and to complete internships that have launched careers in broadcast media and the film industry.

The minor in Film Studies requires 3 credits from Introduction to Film (FILM U240) and 15 credit hours of upper-division FILM courses, including History of Film. 

  • Dr. Peter Caster, Professor and Director of the First-Year Writing Program; Languages, Literature, and Composition
  • LaTracey McDowell, Adjunct Professor of Video and Film Production
  • Dr. Joshua Mims, Adjunct Professor of Film and Screenwriting
  • Jonathan Winchell, Adjunct Professor of Film