German Studies

Map of International Companies in the Upstate Region by Upstate SC AllianceGerman-based companies are a driving force in the regional and global economy. Our own Upstate region hosts over 110 German companies in more than 150 locations. Companies like BMW, Dräexlmaier, BASF, Hanson and many more are right here in our own backyard, and students with advanced German language skills and cultural knowledge are well-poised to join the management ranks of these companies.  

1 in 5 Top U.S. manufacturing companies surveyed required German language skills.

Students who participate in USC Upstate's German Studies programs have opportunities to complete internships with local German companies, including Dräxlmaier Automotive. Alumni of these internships have found jobs that make use of their German knowledge and experience at companies like Erhardt+Leimer, the automation technologies company headquartered in Duncan.

Explore Opportunities for Expanding Your Degree through Study Abroad

Map of USC Upstate Partner Universities in GermanyThrough Dual-Degree programs at several German universities, USC Upstate students who have completed their junior year may complete one year of study at a German partner university, then return for their senior year and graduate who two complete undergraduate degrees—one from USC Upstate and one from their German University. Students become alumni of two universities, participate in internships (some of them paid) with German businesses, and gain international contacts and experience—all for the price of an additional year of college. 

Although classes are delivered in English, students who make an effort to learn German further increase their career prospects.

  • USC Upstate’s first dual-degree partnership with a German University was launched by the Johnson College of Business and Economics in 2012 (See GoUpstate’s news coverage). Through this program, students attend the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut, Germany, and earn a degree in international business. 
  • Students travel to Germany in cohorts of 7-12 Spartans, bringing a bit of the USC Upstate community with them during their study abroad experience.
  • Both USC Upstate and the Hochschule Landshut are located near major BMW manufacturing plants, and students have the opportunity to explore similarities and differences between the German economy and our local region. 
Informatics and Computer Science
  • Both Informatics and Computer Science programs at USC Upstate have opportunities to earn dual degrees from the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut, through one-year study abroad experiences. 
  • Like students in the business program, Informatics and Computer Science students complete internships with German companies, broadening their job experiences and making them career-ready on two continents.
  • In addition to studying with their USC Upstate classmates and a class of international students enrolled at the Landshut University, students enjoy opportunities to work with their own USC Upstate professors who guest lecture in Germany during the program. 
Custom Programs to Fit Your Own Academic Plan
  • Contact the Center for International Studies to find out more about options for semester-long or year-long study abroad programs at any of our four partner universities in Germany in a range of fields from biosciences and early childhood studies to environmental science, interpreting, journalism, and psychology. Find the program that is right for you by talking to a Study Abroad Adviser at the Center for International Studies. 

Short-Term Study Abroad Opportunities

Criminal Justice/Child Advocacy Studies
  • USC Upstate’s newest partnership offers criminal justice majors and/or child advocacy studies minors an opportunity to participate in a short-term exchange program that focuses on service learning. Students will travel abroad to Landshut, Germany, to attend workshops and lectures and to work with German students on a community service project involving vulnerable, underserved populations. In a world where justice and law enforcement efforts increasingly require international partnerships, USC Upstate students who travel abroad will build connections that can propel them forward into rewarding careers while gaining invaluable experiences in the field.
  • Majors in all areas of education have the opportunity to student teach in Stendal, Germany, at the Grundschule Am Stadtsee and University of Applied Sciences, Stendal. Dr. Kela Goodman leads the four-week program
German Studies
  •  Instructors of German regularly lead groups of students on month-long summer study abroad experiences in Germany, including programs in Magdeburg and other German cities.
International Media (Communications)
  • Led by Dr. Warren Bareiss and Dr. David Wallace, the Department of Fine Arts and Communication Studies offers short-term study abroad opportunities that will combine the International Media course (JOUR 315) with an 11-day trip and project in Magdeburg and Berlin, Germany
  • roughout the course, students work in collaboration with German students at the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal to compare international media practices and processes and to develop a joint multimedia project.
  • At the end of the course, students travel to Germany, meet their German classmates face-to-face, and complete their project together. 
  • Students also have the opportunity to visit other important sites in Germany, including Berlin and Potsdam.
Political Science
  • Dr. Allison Pingley brings political science to life with three-week summer study abroad experiences in Berlin, Germany and Eastern Europe. Her current summer study abroad program, After the Iron Curtain, exposes students to the political history and ongoing debates about the transition from communism to democracy.