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Global Competence Certificate

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About Global Competence

Global competence is one of the most important career skills in the 21st-century economy. Governments, community organizations, and chambers of commerce in Greenville, Spartanburg, and throughout the Upstate have embraced our place in the global economy and committed to building global competence in our region. 

Students who develop global competence skills are prepared to understand international issues and the interdependence of local and global communities. It helps you navigate intercultural encounters and relationships and communicate and collaborate with people from diverse cultures, perspectives, and languages. Most importantly, global competence helps you to take actions to ensure your prosperity within a global marketplace and within the global economy of the Upstate region.

Global Competence Certificate

The Global Competence Certificate at USC Upstate builds on pioneering work at Harvard, Columbia University, and the Teachers College to offer students a pathway to career readiness skills for our interconnected world and a credential to help employers identify graduates with these skills. The certificate serves as an add-on to any major or an alternative to a minor or cognate for students currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at USC Upstate. 

Students who complete the certificate select from a large set of cross-disciplinary academic offerings designed to build world and career readiness skills, including upper-level courses in language, global studies, or international issues in any number of academic fields. The Global Competence Certificate provides employers with a meaningful credential for identifying global skills. 

This certificate is a great add-on for students majoring in business administration, non-profit administration, criminal justice, political science, communication studies, or any field where you want to work with global partners or an international client base. International students who plan to work in the US in the future can also use the Global Competence Certificate to highlight their intercultural experience and skills.

Global Studies students meet with representatives from international companies at the German and Spanish in the Professions Conference

Minor in Global Studies

The minor in Global Studies is intended to prepare students for careers that engage the global community either at home or abroad. Students who complete the minor demonstrate their experience and ability to live and work in international environments and to communicate effectively across global cultures.

photo portrait of Xavier Vareen, Spartan StoriesCompletion of this minor will also fulfill the world language and intercultural competence requirements of the USC Upstate Peace Corps Prep Program, the first Peace Corps Prep Program in the South. 

Hear from Interdisciplinary Studies Major and Spanish Minor, Xavier Vareen, about the value of intercultural awareness and global competence in our Spartan Stories.