Spanish and Spanish Translation and Interpreting at USC Upstate

Spanish and Spanish Translation and Interpreting

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Students in USC Upstate's Spanish program learn to communicate in Spanish and to understand Hispanic and Latino cultures at home and abroad. Our students prepare to bridge English and Spanish cultures and speakers in business, healthcare, education, politics, community leadership and more. Students who complete the Spanish major, Spanish minor, or minor in Spanish Translation and Interpreting gain cultural competence, leadership skills, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to communicate with speakers of Spanish in their own language. 

Hispanic and Latinx Students working collaborative at a computer in a computer lab. ¿Hablas español en casa? ¿Te gustaría aprender más sobre tu cultura y el mundo hispánico? ¿Buscas perfeccionar tu español oral o escrito? ¿Quieres estudiar en el extranjero? ¿O tal vez te interesa aprender sobre la traducción y la interpretación para carreras médicas o legales? ¿Te gustaría participar en actividades sin fin de lucro con líderes comunitarios? Aprovecha de muchas oportunidades para desarrollar liderazgo.

What do Spanish students do? 
  • Speak, Listen, Interpret
  • Read, Write, Translate
  • Engage in service learning in education, nursing, child advocacy, criminal justice, non-profit administration, and business
  • Participate in long-term and short-term study abroad in Spain and throughout Latin America
Translation and Interpreting

Our minors in Spanish Translation and Interpreting learn theories of translation and interpreting, study ethical guidelines for working as a translator or interpreter, and apply their skills in service learning projects for area non-profit organizations. Service learning and internship opportunities help students gain valuable experience working with instructors who are certified translators and interpreters. Students may choose courses in Spanish for the professions focused on business, healthcare, legal professions, or education, and prepare to be a bridge for communication in multilingual communities near and far.

Get Involved
  • Students can make connections by participating in the Hispanic Awareness Association student organization or by joining the Alpha Mu Gamma National Honor Society.
  • Participate in the Annual Translation and Interpreting Panel. The program brings together students, faculty, and community members with international experts in translation and interpreting. 
  • Follow us on Twitter at #traducciónuscupstate to find out more about news and events related to Spanish at USC Upstate. 
  • Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

    1. Students graduating in Spanish at USC Upstate will be able to demonstrate communication proficiency in Spanish.

    1.1 Students will demonstrate competence in syntax and rules of discourse in varying linguistic tasks as measured by the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines— Speaking.

    1.2 Students will demonstrate competence in syntax and rules of discourse in varying linguistic tasks as measured by the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines - Reading.

    1.3 Students will demonstrate competence in syntax and rules of discourse in varying linguistic tasks as measured by the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines - Writing.

     2. Students graduating in Spanish at USC Upstate will be able to demonstrate critical thinking skills in Spanish.

    2.1 Students will conduct and present research that demonstrates problem-solving and critical thinking skills in Spanish.

    2.2 Students will present their original research to the faculty at the conclusion of Spanish 490: Spanish Senior Seminar.

    3. Students graduating in Spanish at USC Upstate will be able to demonstrate an ability to compare the products, practices and perspectives of the cultures of Spanish speakers with others.

    3. Students will demonstrate that they understand the connections among the perspectives of a culture and its practices and products. 

  • Spanish majors not only acquire skills in reading, writing and speaking the language, but they also explore and develop an appreciation for literature and broader cultures of Spanish-speaking lands and people around the globe. The Spanish program offers students the opportunity to study the language, literature, and culture of the Hispanic world, including both European and Latin American contexts.

    Course offerings focus on language (written and spoken), culture (Latin American and Spanish), and literature. Our faculty are committed to active learning teaching strategies and hands-on learning opportunities. Students also enjoy service learning opportunities translating and interpreting for non-profit organizations in the Upstate and complete internships with area schools, healthcare organizations, businesses, and service organizations. These experiences prepare students with not only the courses but the professional experiences that make them ready for meaningful careers. 

    Students beginning the major at the 101-102 level complete introductory and intermediate courses (201-202) in their first two years at the university, then complete intensive study in their junior and senior years. Students who place into intermediate or advanced levels may begin upper-level work immediately. 

    All students are encouraged to participate in study abroad experiences with our university partners in Spain, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and other Spanish-speaking countries. 

  • Our alumni work globally in multinational businesses, international and American-based nonprofit organizations, the Peace Corps and in schools and universities around the world. 

    Our majors find careers in a variety of fields:

    • Interpreting in Business, Criminal Justice and Law, Education, Government, and Health care Professions
    • International Business Communications, Bilingual Marketing, and Training
    • Military and Intelligence Services
    • Non-Profit Administration and Programming for Hispanic-Serving Organizations
    • Peace Corps
    • Publishing/Editing/Digital Media in Spanish
    • Relocation Services Language and Cultural Training for Speakers of Other Languages
    • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Worldwide
    • Teaching in K12-College
    • Translation and Interpreting

    Prepare for new careers by completing internships for credit in the Spanish program. Students in the Spanish program have completed internships with many businesses and organizations in Spartanburg and throughout the Upstate: 

    • Arcadia Elementary
    • Chinese Culture and Education Center in China
    • Inman City Fire Department
    • Lone Oak Elementary
    • Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System