Criminology Summer Institute 2019

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Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK 
(June 29 – July 27, 2019)

Criminology in the XXI Century:
Law Enforcement in the Era of Globalisation

This program was developed as a response to the growing need for understanding of the contemporary topics within the area of criminology, sociology, psychology and international relations. Criminology as an area of study is relatively new, however very popular amongst scholars and students where a comprehensive understanding is imperative in the XXI century globalised world. The growing body of research, together with years of experience in the field and professional expertise of tutors (subject matter experts) - presented grounds for developing this cutting-edge training program. It provides an analysis of the historical, cultural, political and criminal characteristics of the global criminological environment. The XXI century issues such as global migration, moral panics, transnational organised crime, and terrorism will be explored from an international perspective of the lecturers from several different parts of the world, which provides excellent grounds for comparative analysis. This program is directed to students and law enforcement officers with at least one year of undergraduate studies within fields of criminology, sociology, security and international relations.

XXI Century Comparative Criminology
(Weeks 1 & 2)

Is our contemporary global law enforcement shaken or stirred?

This module will tackle the key aspects of 21st century comparative crime and its understanding in society, focusing on the various arrays of moral panics and social controls. We will discuss innovative methods of dealing with the culture of fear and risk society, cybercrime, surveillance, and geographic profiling. Furthermore, we present and analyze the new challenges facing different countries’ law enforcement organizations in the 21st century’s ever-changing political, social, and economic climate.

Beyond Good and Evil
(Weeks 3 & 4)

“This War on Terror is not just a simple law enforcement matter.”
— George W. Bush, 2008.

In our increasingly globalised world, both terrorism and contemporary migration continuously test each country’s resolve by challenging various government entities to strike a balance between personal freedoms and social control. It is therefore evident that now, more than ever before, an equally progressive approach to effectively combat these issues in needed – one that involves innovative strategies and tactics that are unconventional and perhaps more multifaceted and theoretically based, while also designed to enhance current international police cooperation and practices.

An University of South Carolina Upstate/ Anglia Ruskin University Collaboration
with S. Hauptman & M. Maszczynska