Dr. Alex Tepperman

Dr. Alex Tepperman
Alex Tepperman
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Media Building 302

Ph.D. History, University of Florida
Cert. Qualitative and Multi-Method Research, Syracuse University
M.A. Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies, University of Toronto
M.A. History, University of Rochester
B.A. American Studies and History, University of Toronto 

Areas of Specialty
American Penology
Social Deviance
Qualitative Methods
Comparative Corrections 

Tepperman, A. (2019). “Marked Men: Masculinity, Mobility, and Convict Tattoos.” Social Justice (forthcoming) 

Tepperman, A. (2017). “Cell-to-Cell, Yard-to-Yard: Spreading the Convict Code During America’s First Era of Mass Incarceration” in Carceral Mobilities, eds. Jennifer Turner and Kimberley Peters. London: Routledge. 

Tepperman, A. (2014). “Marijuana’s ‘Dark Side’: Drugs, Race and the Criminalization of Trayvon Martin.” Killing Trayvons: An Anthology of American Violence, eds. Kevin Alexander Gray, Jeffrey St. Clair, and JoAnn Wypijewski. Petrolia: Counterpunch. 

Tepperman, A. (2014). “Prison Weights For No Man: Interpreting a Modern Moral Panic.” Critical Issues in Justice & Politics 7(1), 1-17. 

Tepperman, A. and Tepperman, L. (2013). Deviance, Crime, and Control: Beyond The Straight and Narrow, 3rd ed. Toronto: Oxford University Press.