Dr. Michele Covington

Dr. Michele Covington
Michele W. Covington, PhD

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Media Building Room Number 314
(864) 503-5719
Email mcovingt@uscupstate.edu

Ph.D.   Sociology/Criminology & Deviance Track, University of Central Florida, 2010
            Graduate Certificate Crime Analysis, University of Central Florida, 2009
M.C.J.  Criminal Justice, University of North Georgia, 2004
B.A.     Sociology/Criminal Justice, Lander University, 2002

Community-Based Research
Qualitative Methods

Covington, M.W. and Libby, N. (Forthcoming). Trust and Transparency in Policing, Proceedings of the Futures Working Group.

Covington, M.W. (2018). Seeing Spartanburg in a New Light: Final Project Evaluation.

Corzine, J., Covington, M.W., and Huff-Corzine, L. (2015).  Shots Fired: Expanding the Current Discourse on Policing and Violence. ACJS Today XL(2): 35-40.

Covington, M.W., Huff-Corzine, L., & Corzine, J. (2014). Investigating Personal, Situational, and Geographical Causes of Batteries Against Police Officers. Violence and Victims 29(1): 34-52.

Covington, M.W. (2012). Book Review: Policing Cybercrime: A Structural and Cultural Analysis. Criminal Justice Review 37(1): 130-132.

Tewksbury, R., Mustaine, E.E., & Covington, M.W. (2010). Offender Presence, Available Victims, Social Disorganization and Sex Offense Rates. American Journal of Criminal Justice 24(1/2): 1-14.

Covington, M.W. and Jasinski, J.L. (2009). Incarcerated Adult and Juvenile Females: Special Issues to Consider. In Roslyn Muraskin (Ed.), Key Correctional Issues (2nd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Pelfrey, W.V. & Covington, M.W. (2007). Deaths in Custody: The Utility of Data Collected from County Coroners. Criminal Justice Studies 20(1): 65-78.

Pelfrey, W.V. & (Covington) White, M. (2004). South Carolina Deaths in Custody: Final Report of Research. Columbia, SC: South Carolina Department of Public Safety Office of Safety and Grants.

“Public Art Challenge” Competitive Grant (funded)
Funding Agency: Bloomberg Philanthropies
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michele Covington
Grant Period: June 2015-December 2017
Total Grant Amount Requested: $1,000,000
Total Grant Amount for Evaluation: $53,500

“RISE: Research Initiative for Summer Engagement” Grant (funded)
Funding Agency: USC Office of the Vice President for Research
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michele Covington
Grant Period: May 2014-December 2014
Total Grant Amount: $5,000.00

“Smart Policing Initiative: FY2011 Competitive Grant” (funded)
Funding Agency: Bureau of Justice Statistics
Principal Investigators: Dr. Catherine Marcum, Dr. Adam Bossler, and Dr. Michele Covington
Total Grant Amount: $262,551.56
Total Grant Amount for Evaluation: $38,450