Dr. Robert A. Sarver III

Dr. Robert Sarver

Robert A. Sarver, III
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 

Media Building 307
E-mail: sarverii@uscupstate.edu

Formal Education


Sam Houston State University, 2007


Eastern Kentucky University, 2001


University of Kentucky, 1999

Selected Publications

Dobbs, R. R., Sarver III, R.A., Rodriguez, B., and Gould, L. (Fall, 2021). Student Perceptions of Guns on Campus. The Pursuit, 5(1) 45-73.

Sarver III, R.A., Dobbs, R.R., Sarver, M.B., and McDonald, C. (2017). Crime-Related Media Programming and Fear of Crime Among Undergraduate Students. Journal of Criminal Justice and Law Review, 6(1), 21-39.

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Gann, M.C., Sarver III, R.A., Sarver, M.B. and del Carmen, A. (2012). Perceptions of Alcohol Consumption: An Examinationof Undergraduate Students’ Perception of Harmful Alcohol Consumption as aSocial Problem and its Relationship with Crime. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, 8(2), 159-171.

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Academic Career

2015- Present

Associate Professor, USC Upstate


Assistant Professor, USC Upstate


Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington,