Dr. Tracey L. Woodard

Dr. Tracey Woodard
Tracey L. Woodard

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Media Building 315

Ph.D.Criminology and Criminal JusticeFlorida State University
M.S.Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of North Florida
B.S.Telecommunications Management, Syracuse University

Areas of Specialty 
Criminological Theory 
Death Penalty  
Juvenile Delinquency 
Maternal Incarceration 

Selected Scholarship
Woodard, Tracey L., and Jennifer E. Copp. 2016. “Maternal incarceration and children’s delinquent involvement: The role of sibling relationships.” Children and Youth Services Review70:340-348.  

Woodard, Tracey, and Miltonette Craig. 2016.  “Tackling comprehensive exam anxieties: The doctoral student’s guide.” The Criminologist.   

Selected Professional Presentations 

Douglas, R.E., Woodard, T.L., and McDonald, C. "USC Upstate Student Seatbelt and Helmet Usage Study." Presented at the 15th Annual SC Upstate Research Symposium, April, 2019  in Spartanburg, SC.

Woodard, T.L., Covington, M., and McDonald, C. "Assessment in Undergraduate Research Methods- Best Practices." Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, March, 2019 in Baltimore, MD.

Woodard, T.L. "Maternal Incarceration and Adolescent Delinquency: Siblings as Moderators." Presented at the 74th Annual American Society of Criminology Meeting, November, 2018 in Atlanta, GA.

Woodard, Tracey L. and M.O. Craig. ”Maternal Incarceration and Child Wellbeing Outcomes:  Examining whether the effect of sibling relationships varies by race or ethnicity.” Presented at the 73rd Annual American Society of Criminology Meeting, November, 2017, Philadelphia, PA.   

Woodard, Tracey L. and J. E. Copp.  ”Do Siblings Moderate the Effects of Maternal Incarceration on Juvenile Outcomes?”  Presented at the 72nd Annual American Society of Criminology Meeting, November, 2016New Orleans, LA.  

Woodard, Tracey L., J. Mestre-Brancale, M. Greenwald, S. Scaggs, and G. Pesta.  ”Examining the Labeling Effects of First Arrest on Subsequent School-based Incidents and Discipline.”  Presented at the 71st Annual American Society of Criminology Meeting, November, 2015Washington, DC.  

Woodard, Tracey L., J. Mestre-Brancale, and M. Greenwald. ”Examining the Relationship between the First Arrest, School Disciplinary Practices, and Involvement in the Juvenile Justice System.”  Presented at Annual Meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, March, 2015, Orlando, FL. 

Woodard, Tracey L..  ”Child Deaths Due to Abuse and Neglect:  An Examination of Florida.”  Presented at the 70th Annual American Society of Criminology Meeting, November, 2014, San Francisco, CA. 

Woodard, Tracey L.  “Causes of Criminal Behavior.”  Presented at the Inside the System for the Youth Leadership Jacksonville Forum, November, 2012   Jacksonville, FL.   

Academic Career 
2018-Present Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, USC Upstate 
2017-2018 Assistant Professor, Criminal JusticeBridgewater State University 
2009-2017 Adjunct InstructorCriminology and Criminal JusticeUniversity of North Florida