Dr. Laura Jennings

Laura Jennings
Laura Jennings

Associate Professor

Media Building 312
Email: ljennings@uscupstate.edu

PhD, Sociology - University of Illinois, 2008
BS, Business Administration - Indiana University, 1982

Jennings, Laura. "Lethal Boundaries: Microaggressions, police violence, and sense of group position."

Jennings, Laura and Lizabeth Zack. 2017. "The Aftermath of Activism." Surviving Sexism in Academia: Strategies for Feminist Leadership, ed. by Kirsti Cole and Holly Hassel. Routledge. New York. 191-199.

Jennings, Laura. 2014. “Visual Representations of Fatness and Health in High School Health Texts.” Fat Studies. Volume 3 (1): 45-57.

Jennings, Laura. 2009. “Public Fat: Canadian provincial governments and fat on the web.” Fat Studies Reader. Eds. Esther Rothblum & Sondra Solovay. New York University Press (pp. 88-96).

Intro to Social Statistics
Sociology of Families
Race & Ethnic Relations
Social Inequality
Intro to Sociology
Senior Seminar
Gender & Society
Fat Studies
Social Issues in Romance Novels