Middle Level Education

The program in Middle Level Education prepares candidates to teach in grades 5-8. The program emphasizes the physical, emotional, attitudinal and intellectual characteristics of adolescents. The program also emphasizes the organizational, curricular and pedagogical signature practices of middle schools through a core of liberal arts coursework and professional education coursework. This includes field-based practicum experiences in middle schools, student teaching in middle schools and intensive coursework in two areas of academic content concentration.

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  • Goals Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Students demonstrate competence in content knowledge specific to the certification area.

    1.1 Teacher candidates will possess thorough and accurate knowledge of the content they are preparing to teach.

    1.2 Teacher candidates will be knowledgeable of human development, learning theories, instructional strategies, diverse learners, and educational psychology.
     2. Students develop and plan curriculum and instruction addressing goals and learning outcomes using best practices for the certification area.

    2.1 Teacher candidates can identify and apply effective planning procedures for unit planning.

    2.2 Teacher candidates can create and align standards-based assessments through planning a unit.

    3. Students effectively present instruction and manage diverse classroom environments, communicating effectively and professionally with adults and students. 

    3.1 Teacher candidates demonstrate knowledge of and capability to implementing a variety of instructional strategies and methods that emphasize student thinking and problem solving.

    3.2 Teacher candidates demonstrate thorough and accurate content knowledge of the content they teach and highlight key concepts and ideas.

    4. Teacher candidates will demonstrate a positive impact in middle level student learning in clinical change.

    4.1 Teacher candidates can analyze assessment data collected in their classroom and reflect on assessment data results.

  • A degree prepares graduates for teaching in Grades 6-12 in the areas of Math, Biology, Chemistry, Social Studies (History), and English Language Arts.

  • On-the-job training and internships are available at these places:

    • Spartanburg Districts 1-7
    • Greenville County
    • Union County
    • Cherokee County