Informatics is the study of information. We study how information is generated, acquired, stored, retrieved, organized, managed, used and exploited. We teach students how to create bottom-line impact for their employers using information resources.

The program involves courses in computer technology, information technology, business, management and communication. In today‚Äôs job market, breadth of knowledge and expertise is the key to remaining upwardly mobile and flexible.

The department offers an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in the study of Informatics.

Goals and Student Learning Outcomes
1. Students will understand the history and major components of the informatics field of study encompassing information technology, information management, and information systems, and their impact on modern society.

1.1 Demonstrate basic knowledge of relational databases and data warehousing.

1.2 Demonstrate knowledge of computer networks.

1.3 Demonstrate knowledge of concepts in social informatics.

1.4 Demonstrate knowledge of concepts in organizational informatics, such as the Internet and the World Wide Web.

 2. Students will be able to effectively communicate technical information to diverse audiences.

2.1 Gather and analyze information on a technology.

2.2 Develop and present a multimedia presentation involving technical subject matter.

2.3 Prepare professional written communications.

3. Students will be able to apply resources, knowledge, and technical skills to solve problems in the field of informatics.

3.1 Formulate effective information technology solutions.

3.2 Conduct a logical analysis of problems faced in the field of informatics.