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Education student teaching

(Teachers Educating All Children)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lindsay Yearta

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What is TEACh?
Any USC Upstate student is welcome to come be a part of TEACh (Teachers Educating All Children) student organization. There is no cost to join! The TEACh organization aims to help students get out in the classroom now, gain valuable experience and knowledge for the future, and network with people who can help them when they begin their careers in education.

TEACh meets three or four times each semester to discuss relevant topics in education, engage with experienced guest speakers, and plan service activities for schools and classes in our community. In addition to attending the meetings, TEACh members participate in at least five hours of service in any area of education throughout the school year. TEACh members can assist with TEACh-sponsored events such as the USC Upstate Scholastic Book Fair.

    Requirements for TEACh:

    • Attend two TEACh meetings each semester. 
    • Complete five service hours per year.