Strategic Goals at JCBE

Strategic Goals

AACSB Accredited

The mission of the Johnson College of Business and Economics is to prepare diverse students to excel in the dynamic upstate and global economies through quality business education that emphasizes cognitive and experiential learning and engagement with the Upstate community.

Strategic Goals

  1. Deliver an excellent business education that produces career-ready graduates.
  2. Attract, develop, and retain exceptional faculty and staff.
  3. Positively impact the economic well-being of the Upstate community.
  • We aspire to be the regional College of Business of choice in South Carolina, and a valued partner in the economic transformation of the Upstate.

  • Values

    Academic Excellence

    • We teach because we are passionate about student learning and development.
    • We will maintain and extend an expert competency in our disciplines.
    • We pursue dynamic curriculum development aligned with the needs of our local and global communities.
    • We will execute our roles as faculty and staff at the highest level possible.


    • We develop students professionally through community engagement.
    • We are accomplished experts in our professions through our research and contribution to practice.
    • We engage in partnerships with the business community to encourage the economic development of the Upstate.
    • We support greater awareness and engagement with global partners.


    • We deliver what we promise.
    • We welcome and appreciate diversity.
    • We are trusted by students, colleagues, and the community.
    • We practice fairness, responsibility, honesty, and respect.
    • We emphasize the ethical business practices beyond the classroom.


    • We promote team-work and collaboration.
    • We promote collegiality and civility in the workplace.
    • We build and establish trust and respect for ourselves and others.
    • We strive to foster a supportive culture that is service-minded and focused on student, faculty and staff success.
  • Objectives

    Goal 1: Deliver an excellent business education that produces career-ready graduates

    1. Produce career-ready graduates
    2. Emphasize student and career success skills development
    3. Continually review and improve curricula and develop innovative programs
    4. Emphasize experiential learning including international opportunities
    5. Maintain AACSB accreditation
    6. Establish and maintain entrance and retention standards

    Goal 2: Attract, develop and retain exceptional faculty and staff

    1. Offer development opportunities to faculty and staff to help maintain and improve currency
    2. Support and reward faculty scholarly activity and teaching effectiveness
    3. Increase financial resources to support faculty compensation and workload
    4. Support tenure track faculty in the pursuit of tenure

    Goal 3: Positively impact the economic well-being of the Upstate

    1. Supply the Upstate with productive and qualified business graduates
    2. Support the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Upstate through business incubation
    3. Nurture and expand business and community engagement opportunities in the Upstate
    4. Serve as a knowledge resource for the Upstate and establish research centers
    5. Leverage international opportunities to share knowledge within the Upstate and abroad
  • Goal 1: Students will demonstrate understanding and competence in essential business disciplines and concepts.
    1. Demonstrate knowledge in accounting, economics, finance, law, management, marketing, information systems, quantitative analysis and international business.

    Goal 2: Students will demonstrate a competency in speaking and writing to effectively communicate in a professional business environment.

    1. Students will prepare and deliver a professional verbal presentation.

    2. Our students will communicate effectively in standard business English—written.

    Goal 3: Students will demonstrate the ability to use information systems and analytical tools to solve business problems and make business decisions.

    1. Students will demonstrate the ability to use information technology in modern organizational operations.
    2. Demonstrate the ability to analyze data such as determining statistically significant relationships among variables.
    3. Demonstrate the ability to assess, model, analyze and determine an optimal solution to business problems.

    4. Demonstrate the ability to apply business decision-making methods.

    Goal 4:  Students will recognize ethical aspects of business situations and demonstrate an understanding of ethical business practices.

    1. Students will identify ethical issues.
    2. Students will identify and describe the relevant stakeholders in an ethical issue.

    3. Students will identify potential solutions and the potential consequences of an ethical issue.

    Goal 5:  Students will have a global perspective, demonstrating a knowledge and understanding of successful business operations in a global marketplace.

    1. Demonstrate an understanding of the differences in global business environments (e.g.: economic, socio-cultural, political/legal, ethical, business practices).
    2. Explain the implications of issues and differences in global business environments to specific business scenarios.
    3. Develop appropriate responses to differences in the global business environment.