Accounting, Economics, and Finance Department


Accounting is an integral part of every business.  Accountants analyze and communicate financial information for clients, companies, and Federal, State, and local governments.  The Accounting program of study provides entry-level competencies to make sound independent judgments and serves as a foundation for career development. It is designed to prepare students for careers in both public and private accounting.  Credits earned can be used to fulfill the 150-hour requirement for the CPA exam. Accounting students planning to sit for the CPA take at least 24 semester hours of accounting in their concentration. The Accounting concentration includes courses in financial and managerial, intermediate, and advanced accounting, as well as specialized fields such as government and not-for-profit accounting, auditing, and taxation. 

Economics and Finance

Provides students with a broad knowledge of economic and financial tools for careers in business, economics, and finance. Students gain an understanding of our financial system and the financing of business activities, learn how incentives and institutions influence the behavior of individuals and firms, and study the impact of public policies on economic outcomes.