Course Descriptions

MSBA U700 - Introduction to Quantitative Analysis and Programming (3) - Statistical estimation methods using SAS and R. Topics will include general linear models, ANOVA, piecewise linear regression, logistic regression, and exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Prerequisite: ECON U292

MSBA U705 - Data Mining and Management (3) The fundamentals of data mining, data management, and data warehousing. Topics include design and querying of relational databases, design, setup, and use of data warehouses, and various data and text mining technologies. 

MSBA U710 - Predictive Analytics and Forecasting (3) Contemporary and comprehensive treatment of modern time series and empirical prediction. Topics include autoregression, moving average, ARIMA processes, volatility models, cluster analysis, and structural equation modeling. Prerequisite or Corequisite: MSBA U700

MSBA U720: Data Visualization (3) - The essential and practical skills in visualization, including computer graphics, visual data representation, physical and human vision models, numerical representation of knowledge and concepts, animation techniques, pattern analysis, and computational methods. Various software tools will be studied including R, gg-plot2, and Tableau 8. Prerequisite or Corequisite: MSBA U700

MSBA U730: Optimization (3) - Applications of optimization through case studies and computer exercises to provide insights into business and economics. Statistical methods will include linear, network, integer, and nonlinear optimization using Excel and SAD/OPTMODEL. Prerequisite or Corequisite: MSBA 700

MSBA U740: Prescriptive Analytics (3) - Skills and knowledge necessary to model situations where uncertainty is a major factor. Models may include decision trees, Monte Carlo simulation, discrete event simulation, and stochastic optimization, along with applications for solving a wide variety of common business problems. Prerequisite or Corequisite: MSBA U700.

MSBA U745: Financial Analytics (3) - Using financial accounting information for performance analysis, forecasting, growth, and risk management, analysis of the cost of capital, and corporate restructuring decisions. The emphasis is on researching current accounting and finance topics using business programs such as SAS programming, case studies with Excel, StockTrak investment simulations(s), Bloomberg terminal, Bloomberg Market Concepts, and Crystal Ball Analytics. Prerequisite or Corequisite: MSBA U700

MSBA U750: Accounting Analytics (3) - Fundamentals of applying data analytics approaches to accounting and auditing. Topics include using the IMPACT model in accounting and auditing, designing, and querying relational databases using the REA (resource/events/agents) data model and SQL; understanding strategic and emerging technologies in accounting relating to data analytics; and applying auditing analytics and modern auditing concepts to aid in sampling and risk assessment. Prerequisite: ACCT U332, ACCT U435. 

MSBA U755: International Accounting and Consolidations (3) - Consolidation of financial statements for both domestic and foreign subsidiaries. Topics will include accounting for foreign currency transactions, hedging and derivatives, and spreadsheet sensitivity analysis to forecast exposure to foreign currency transactions and foreign currency exchange rates. Prerequisites: ACCT U332; Prerequisite or Corequisite: MSBA U700. 

MSBA U760: Data Governance, Law, and Ethics (3) Ethical and legal theories that have led to various regulations, including antitrust, workers' compensation, social security, employment law, taxation, and environmental compliance. Topics will include the uses of analytics to support the overarching theories and regulations. Prerequisite or Corequisite: MSBA U700

MSBA U765: Business Process and Operations Analytics (3) Quantitative modeling tools and techniques used to solve problems faced in modern supply chains such as forecasting demand, determining the capacity of a manufacturing line, and optimizing the production operation. Prerequisite or Corequisite: MSBA U700

MSBA U770: Programming for Analytics (3) Principle and practical issues while effectively integrating data analytics topics using R/Python. Topics will include data preparation, missing data, lists, functions, and loops. Prerequisite: MSBA U700.

MSBA U775: Web and Social Media Analytics (3) Methods and tools to collect, analyze, and report website usage data by visitors, emphasizing the nature of the visits to websites and visitors' demographics. Concepts, tools tutorials, and case studies that business managers need to extract and analyze the seven layers of social media data, including text, actions, networks, apps, hyperlinks, search engine, and location layers will be emphasized. Prerequisites: MSBA U700, MSBA U705.

MSBA U780: Marketing Analytics (3) Developing analytical methods and applying statistical and mathematical tools to predict consumer behavior. Formal models to analyze how and when customers make product purchase decisions, configure new products, develop market segments, forecast market share, and determine optimal pricing strategies will be introduced. Prerequisites: MSBA U700, MSBA U705.

MSBA U790: Analytics Capstone (3) Solving business problems from data collection and model construction through analytics and presentation of results to recommendations for specific business decisions. Commercial and open-source software tools will be used to build models and conduct analyses. Prerequisites: MSBA U700, MSBA U705, MSBA U720, MSBA U730. Corequisite: MSBA U740

MSBA U796: Topics in Business Analytics (3) Select subjects and current trends in the social, cultural, political, and technical issues associated with business analytics. 

MSBA U798: Independent Study (1-3) Students select a niche topic in business analytics and related disciplines with a special focus on applying theories and principles in business analytics to solve real-world problems. Emphasis is on applied learning to achieve in-depth expertise in a topic of relevance to the workforce. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor