Frequently Asked Questions

What is business analytics?

Business analytics is an interdisciplinary field of study that includes business, database management, programming, statistics, operations research, technology and leadership, and ethics. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to help organizations leverage their data to achieve their overall goals and objectives.

How many credit hours are required for the MSBA the program?

The MSBA degree consists of ten 10 courses. Each course is 3-credit hours. The MSBA program consists of 30 total credit hours. There are seven core courses (courses that every student must take) and three electives (you can select three courses from a list of electives) that you can take depending on your professional interests.

Is MSBA available part-time, full-time, or online?

This program is currently available full-time and part-time. A student who is enrolled full-time will take four courses in Fall, four courses in Spring, and two courses in Summer to finish the program in one academic year. A part-time student can take one, two, or three courses, depending on their preferences and other considerations.

Can I start in Spring or Summer semester?

Can I start in Spring or Summer semester?

What are the criteria for a GRE waiver?

A GRE waiver is available for the following applicants:

  1. USC Upstate graduates with a 3.0 or higher
  2. Non-USC Upstate graduates from AACSB-accredited institutions with a GPA of 3.5 or higher
  3. Master’s degree (or higher) holders with two or more years of work experience in a related field Note: Exceptional students with a GPA or 2.5 or higher (but less than 3.0) and a high GRE score may be considered for conditional admission.
What other documents should I submit with my application form?

a. Transcripts: Your official undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Copies are not acceptable. These transcripts should be emailed directly to us from the institution where you graduated from.
b. Personal Statement
c. GRE scores
d. Letters of References: Two letters of references must be emailed to us directly. Copies of letters of references are not acceptable.
e. Resume

How much time do I have to complete this degree program?

There is no specific time limit within which you are mandated to complete your degree. Full time student can complete the course in one academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer) if they take four courses in Fall, four in Spring, and two in Summer. Part-time students who take two courses a semester can complete the program in two years.

Do I have to complete any prerequisite course work?

It depends on your academic background, G.P.A, and work experience. However, usually there are no pre-requisites to be admitted into the program.

What are the class timings?

All face-to-face classes meet on weekday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 8:40 p.m. Hybrid classes will meet as listed in the course syllabus. Fully online courses do not meet.

My academic background is not business. Can I apply?

A Bachelor’s degree or higher in Business or a related field with foundation courses in business, mathematics, and statistics is preferred. However, academic background alone is not the sole deciding factor for admissions. We take a holistic look at the overall academic credentials and work profile of the applicant before making a final decision.

Do I need to complete the application form?

Yes, all students (full-time and part-time) must complete the application form

What are the deadlines for submitting the application?

See the Application FAQ for application deadlines.

How much does the program cost?

Please see the Graduate Tuition and Fees page for information.

Are there any additional costs besides tuition?

Please review the Upstate website for other additional costs, such as textbooks or fees.

When do I have to pay my fees?

See the Tuition Payment page for dates.

Does admission office notify me if I am missing something?

Yes, we will notify you. However, this will delay your admission process. Hence, it is highly recommended that you carefully review the requirements and deadlines.

Is there an interview?

Yes, the Admissions Committee will conduct a telephone interview.

Do you offer graduate assistantships?

Yes. This is a highly competitive and selective process. Students who are interested in a graduate assistantship are required to complete and submit the Graduate Assistantship Form.

Can I register for classes prior to acceptance into the program?

No. Only admitted students can register for the courses.

Can I transfer credits from another institution?

Students who wish to transfer courses must take a qualifying exam in the course they wish to transfer. Students should not assume that a course will automatically transfer into this program. Students are advised to visit with the Program Advisor for a final decision.

Does the MSBA program offer job placement?

We offer career path advising and job placement assistance. We offer career goal and interest assessments, job search strategies, application, cover letter, and resume assistance, mock interview practice, and guidance on attire (with support of the Career Closet)

What are the job positions does MSBA graduate qualifies for?

It depends on the industry in which you work or wish to work in. It also depends on your prior academic background and work experience. Further, the job title also varies from industry to industry and company to company. In general, here are a few titles that clearly require a background in Analytics: Quantitative Analyst, Business Intelligence Manager, Big Data Analytics Specialist, Operations Research Analyst, Manager of Services or Manufacturing Operations, Data Analyst Project Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Market Research Analyst.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Uma Gupta
Director of Business Analytics