BADM 499 - Business Internship

Real-World Work Experience

What Is A Business Internship

A business internship is a real-world work experience that has a learning component. The internship provides a student with on-site experience working for a company or a non-profit organization for a minimum of 10 hours per week per semester. The work performed is dependent upon employer needs, the type of internship available, and the student's academic concentration.

BADM 499 can satisfy major concentration course elective requirements  for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management,  Marketing as well as Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In addition, students majoring in Accounting, or Economics/Finance can take BADM 499 to satisfy a free elective course requirement.

Why Students Should Intern

  • Students improve their chances of getting a job. A 2018 study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers shows that 59% of students who took a paid internship were offered full-time employment by their employers.
  • Most employers prefer that students have some sort of professional experience on their resume.
  • Students gain experience in their career field.
  • Students learn the soft skills needed in the workplace and leadership positions. Skills, such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork are learned and honed through internship experiences.
  • Students receive daily feedback that is specific and targeted to their development from someone who works in their career field.
  • Internships are a great way to meet professionals and other interns working in the field.
  • Students learn how a professional workplace operates. A practical understanding of workplace culture, employee relations, and leadership structures can smooth a student's transition to that first professional job.

Qualifications and Expectations

Minimum qualifications to enroll in BADM 499 are the following:

  • Admission to the Johnson College of Business and Economics professional program.

Qualifying internships will last 12 or more weeks. A minimum of 42 working hours is required for each credit hour earned. Internships may be for 1-6 credit hours. Course grade options are S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory), I (Incomplete). 

 Registering for BADM 499

Students cannot self-register for BADM 499. Steps to apply for BADM 499 are as follows:

  1. Determine if you meet the minimum qualifications
  2. Attend an internship information session if possible
  3. Obtain an internship that meets the standards. A resource for obtaining an internship is the College's or University's 
  4. Complete the internship contract with the college's internship supervisor.
  5. Your internship contract must be signed by the college internship supervisor, the employer internship supervisor, and the Associate Dean of the college. 

Internship Forms (PDF)

Internship Contract

Employer Evaluation of Intern (Mid-Term)

Employer Evaluation of Intern (End-of-Term)

Student Evaluation of Internship (End-of-Term)

For more information regarding internships please contact:

Brian Brady