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Undergraduate Programs

Major in Business Administration

The George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics offers programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration on the Spartanburg and Greenville campuses.

Business Administration and Economics

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Minor in Business Administration

Non-business students may also pursue a minor in business administration with concentration in the following areas:

  • Business Administration 
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Economics

Download the student worksheet with Business Administration concentration degree requirements PDF icon image

Non-Business Majors

Students not pursuing a business degree may earn a maximum of 29 semester hours in College of Business and Economics courses, excluding ECON 221, 222, 291 and 292, providing they meet the course prerequisites and have attained junior standing (60 semester hours earned) before enrolling in 300-level and above courses. 

General Education Courses

All College of Business and Economics students are required to take the specified general education courses. All students then take a common business and economics core sequence, spanning the full range of business functions. Finally, students select a concentration. 

Students should begin with the recommended curriculum as early as possible. This sequence includes a combination of business, economics and general education courses suggested for each semester in which the student is enrolled. It is imperative that students begin their mathematics/statistics sequence in the first semester of their freshman year and continue this sequence each semester to make adequate progress in any of the business concentrations. Students in business and economics are advised by the faculty from the Johnson College of Business and Economics. 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Major

Major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

A major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management will provide JCBE graduates with the tools they need to land successful careers at places like BMW, Michelin, Draexlmaier, adidas and a host of other global manufacturers with Upstate operations. This major will meet the growing regional needs for well-educated supply chain management professionals.

There is a huge demand for supply chain majors. A University of Maryland/DHL study recently found the demand-to-supply ratio of supply chain jobs to qualified individuals at 6 to 1. The demand for supply chain managers is expected to increase with an expected 621,040 jobs filled in 2018, an annual increase of 22.6 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that the employment of logisticians will grow 7 percent annually from 2016 to 2026.

It is no different in South Carolina. The state hosts numerous global manufacturers and is seeing a demand for these professionals. Shipping companies such as CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern, distribution and ulfillment centers like Walmart and Amazon need trained professionals. The Charleston Port and Inland Port in Greer also are seeking supply chain-trained workers.

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