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Eleventh Annual SC Upstate Research Symposium

In April, Honors Program students participated in the Eleventh Annual SC Upstate Research Symposium. Students contributed to several of the presentations on service-learning and volunteerism by writing papers, conducting studies and administering surveys. Honors students also contributed to the breakout sessions on history and culture through a paper and presentation providing a cursory overview of the social, political and economic impact of the Beatles on popular culture.

Breakout sessions with contributions from Honors Program students: 

  • It's an Honor to Serve - Service-Learning in an Honors Program
  • What gets us going> Motivation in Volunteering
  • Who are you? Personality Typing and Volunteering
  • Service-Learning - The Environment and the Individual
  • Sex, Ethnicity and Academic Major - Which impacts collegiate service participation most?
  • The Impact of Mandatory Volunteerism on Students
  • Service-Learning - Can it impact students' GPAs?
  • The Impact of the Beatles on Popular Culture

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