Community Health (B.A)

"The Community Health program prepares students  to teach behaviors that promote wellness, and to improve the health of individuals and communities."

Community Health (B.A) at USC Upstate

The realities of health care as we approach 2020 are as dynamic and rapidly evolving as they’ve ever been. The Community Health program is an innovative offering designed to prepare skilled, compassionate healthcare professionals to help individuals and communities live healthier lives.

A visionary program to meet the needs of today’s healthcare environment.

As a student in the Community Health program you’ll explore 11 core competencies in the broader areas of communication and education; support, coordination, and client advocacy; and foundations in professional ethics in health. The program integrates theoretical knowledge in key principles with clinical experiences in the field for the most well-rounded training.

Graduates of the program take advantage of expansive, flexible professional possibilities driven by efforts throughout the Upstate to improve health outcomes and reduce costs by educating the public on health behaviors and how to navigate available services.