Business Analytics – Master of Science (M.S.)

"I want to go into a business and find the problems, then solve the problems."

-Joyasha Hicklin | Class of 2016

Joyasha Hicklin - Business Analytics '14

The ability to transform business insights into smart, actionable strategies and tactics is vital to the success of any organization. As a graduate of the Master of Science in Business Analytics program, you’ll have gained the acumen and practical skills it takes to do just that.

Creating the visionary leaders in business analytics that today’s top employers seek.

The program offers students a comprehensive, well-rounded experience that covers the essential core principles of business analytics, utilizes the most current analytics technology and software, and provides opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in real-world business scenarios.

Graduates of the program can take advantage of expansive career opportunities in anything from finance, to healthcare, to pharma, to e-commerce and logistics. In fact, the demand for analytics professionals is expected to grow by more than 100,000 new positions over the next decade. And the median annual salary for business analytics managers with a master’s degree is $113,450 - $121,084 (