Program Type: Major
Program Level: Undergraduate
Department: Majors

English majors pursue the study of language through reading, writing, analyzing, and creating written texts. The English major develops core skills in critical thinking, communicating and expressing ideas effectively for specific audiences, solving problems creatively, and understanding diverse perspectives. English studies prepares students for careers in law, professional, technical, and creative writing, editing, publishing, library science, researching, administration, intelligence and military analysis, public relations, the film and popular culture industry, as well as teaching English both in the US and abroad.

  • Goals Student Learning Outcomes
    1. The student graduating in English at USC Upstate should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of literary periods, movements, genres, and authors that is informed by literary criticism, theory, and linguistic analysis.

    1.1 Demonstrate an ability to situate and interpret texts in their historical and cultural contexts.

    1.2 Utilize appropriate literary and/or linguistic theory in discussing the assigned texts.

     2. A student graduating in English at USC Upstate should be able to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate a variety of texts.

    2.1 Interpret meaning and significance based on close observations of details within and among texts.


    3. A student graduating in English at USC Upstate should be able to communicate in a clear and concise manner for a variety of audiences.

    3.1 Write with clarity and precision as appropriate for the given audience.

    4. A student graduating in English at USC Upstate should be able to incorporate, engage in and utilize well-planned and well-executed research.

    4.1 Critically engage the ideas of other scholars.

    4.2 Incorporate research in writing about the assigned texts.


  • The English curriculum exposes students to the full breadth of English studies - from linguistics to creative writing, from Shakespeare to digital media and film. After completing the English core of literature, linguistics, writing, and literary theory, students choose their own path through advanced courses in literature and film, creative or professional writing and rhetoric, or linguistics and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

  • English graduates have a wide array of career choices. Some of these include:

    • Creative writing 
    • Journalism - conventional and online
    • Law
    • Library administration
    • Military/Intelligence analysis
    • Non-profit administration and grant writing
    • Public relations
    • Publishing/editing/digital media
    • Research
    • Teaching English to speakers of other languages worldwide
    • Teaching in K12-College
    • Technical writing
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) International Society
    • Hub City Writers Project
    • Spartanburg Spark
    • Style A to Z Fashion and Style Blog
    • Wunderlich PR, Inc. (New York)