Women's and Gender Studies

Program Type: Minor
Program Level: Undergraduate
Department: Minors

Through curricular and co-curricular programming, the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (CWGS) provides opportunities for the campus community to examine cultural assumptions about gender as it intersects with ethnicity, age, socioeconomic class, dis/ability, body size and sexual orientation while facilitating critical thinking about the interrelationship of gender and power. For questions or to join the program, contact Dr. Lisa Johnson, director of Center for Women's and Gender Studies.

Minor In Women's and Gender Studies
The minor includes 18 credit hours, and requires the introduction to women's studies course, a theory course, and four upper-level courses. A grade of C or better must be earned in each course used to satisfy the requirements for a minor. Courses listed at the lower level may be used to satisfy both the minor and general education requirements; however, upper level courses may not count toward both the major and minor requirements. 

Required Courses

Women's and Gender Studies Minor Requirements   

Course  Hours 
WGST 101 - Introduction to Women's Studies 3
WGST 301 - Feminist Theory and Methods  3
Electives - Four upper-level courses whose content is primarily centered on women's interests. To support the interdisciplinary nature of the field, no more than two courses from any individual discipline (except WGST) may be included in the minor. See below for the list of courses approved for inclusion in the minor. 12

Approved Upper Level Courses

ARTH U301: Women and Art 
CRJU U382: Women and Crime
ENGL U389: Gay and Lesbian Literature
ENGL U437: Women Writers
HIST U351: Women in Early Modern Europe and America
HIST U352: Women in Modern Europe and America
HIST U496: Topics in Women’s History
JOUR U450: Women in the Media
POLI U350: Women and American Politics
POLI U420: Women and Politics: A Global Perspective
PSYC U442: Psychology of Women
RELG U306: Religion and Gender
SOCY U335: Fat Studies
SOCY U337: Gender and Society
SOCY U339: Women and Armed Conflict 
SPCH U350: Communication and Gender
WGST U345: Girls Studies
WGST U355: U.S. Women’s Movement
WGST U398: Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies
WGST U399: Independent Study
WGST U499: Internship