Art Studio (Graphic Design) (B.A.)

"Fine art is created for whoever wants to look at it, but graphic design is trying to get anybody and everybody to look at it. That’s intriguing to me."

-Ethan Mabbitt | Class of 2018

Art Studio (Graphic Design) (B.A) at USC Upstate

Graphic designers bring imagination, inspiration, joy, and beauty to the world, while also creating significant value across the broad spectrum of business and industry. Upstate’s Graphic Design program will position you for a fulfilling career bringing your creative vision to life.

Building a global perspective for tomorrow’s leading visual communicators.

As a graphic design student, you’ll explore a broad range of content areas—including design theory, history, production, criticism, and aesthetics—resulting in a broad and deep perspective. You’ll discover the many ways graphic design shapes print and web, electronic design, and illustration. And you’ll foster your skills in creativity, critical thinking, and problem analysis.

The program also will empower you with insights on the impact of design on global environments, enable you to proactively respond to global shifts in visual codes, and equip you with an ethical mindset that more and more employers value with regards to how design can affect the broader society.