Chemistry (B.A. or B.S.)

Students have access to cutting-edge equipment in both teaching and research labs usually only found at much larger institutions.


Chemistry (B.S.) at USC Upstate

Whether it’s the rapidly evolving world of health care, the dynamic field of forensics, or any number of other exciting scientific professions, a degree in chemistry opens unparalleled doors of opportunity. The Chemistry program delivers the exceptional instruction and expansive hands-on training that will prepare you to take advantage of these exciting possibilities.

Providing easy access to graduate-level technology and resources.

As a Chemistry major at Upstate, you’ll benefit from a respected program that’s been approved by the American Chemical Society and have access to the kind of technology and laboratory facilities typically reserved for graduate students. In addition to the outstanding teaching and research labs in the Smith Science Building, you can also personalize your degree plan with a concentration in forensic science, which will prepare you specifically for future work in a crime lab.