Child Development and Family Studies (B.A.)

Students are prepared to work with children and families from diverse cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Female teacher showing a book to  children

Serving as a caregiver, teacher, and role model for young children is an endeavor that can set them on the right path as they begin their school years and, in fact, impact the rest of their lives. The Child Development & Family Studies program prepares bright, motivated individuals to do just that, as well as help families with young children develop the skills and strategies to succeed.

Preparing you to empower children and families from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

A key strength of this program is that it prepares students to work with children and families representing a diverse range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. This approach sets our students and graduates apart as professionals who’ve been educated and trained in an environment truly reflective of 21st-century society. The program also has partnered with South Carolina Center for Child Care Career Development for T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship, providing enhanced opportunities for students.

Graduates of the program are ready and able to work in any number of professional settings, from teaching in private schools to child and family development centers.