Communications (B.A.)

Few academic disciplines offer such wide and varied professional opportunities as communications.

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Few academic disciplines offer such wide and varied professional opportunities as communications. At Upstate, our communications program empowers students to take advantage of that world of opportunities with a learning experience that is as broad as it is deep.


As a communications major you’ll be able to choose from one of three concentrations. So while you’ll gain a solid foundation in the core principles of the communications field, you can specialize in an area of particular interest to you.

Communication Studies 

The communication studies concentration enables students to understand the centrality and complexity of communication in personal, professional and civic life. Students are encouraged to engage in ethical human communication and become critical consumers of knowledge and information. Courses reflect a variety of disciplines in the field of communication including organizational communication, intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, small group and rhetoric. 

Mass Media

The mass media curriculum encourages students to become critical producers and consumers of mass communication. Students explore the function and history of mass media in society while developing the skills for production using traditional print and broadcast journalistic practices, as well as new media technologies.

Public Relations

The public relations concentration uses the study and application of traditional and emerging industry tools and strategies for effective communication and relationship building between organizations and their publics. Students produce publicity and informational materials, develop and implement public relations campaigns and acquire hands-on experience within this rapidly expanding field through work with real-world clients within the local community.

Regardless of which concentration is the best fit for you, the learning experience will be characterized by extensive hands-on learning opportunities. Regular internship sites include public relations agencies, television and video studios, print journalism and online journalism outlets.