Community Health (B.A)

"The Community Health program prepares students  to teach behaviors that promote wellness, and to improve the health of individuals and communities."

Community Health (B.A) at USC Upstate

As a Community Health major at the University of South Carolina Upstate, you will be a part of an innovative community- driven program focused on improving individual and community health, and better understanding health behavior, illness, healthcare systems, and how communities and individuals define health and manage health-related health disparity.  At USC Upstate, the Community Health courses include classes in many disciplines, and allow students to both recognize the broad nature of the social determinants of health that impact individuals and communities and to master the critical skills of advocacy and resource navigation in health systems.

A visionary program to meet the needs of today’s healthcare environment.

What can USC Upstate offer you?

  • Community Heath students master critical skills allowing them to communicate complex health information, and plan, administer, manage, and evaluate health promotions, interventions, and programs.
  • At USC Upstate, Community Health students design and implement community health interventions as a part of their coursework, bringing their individual identities and experience to their work and learning.
  • Community Health students at USC Upstate have hands-on course experiences that integrate theoretical knowledge with clinical experiences in community settings allowing students to gain the real-world tools to improve the health and wellness of individuals, communities, or corporations.
  • Coursework, community outreach, public scholarship, and integrated field work assure that our graduates are sought after by insurance companies, local and state health departments, healthcare systems, health-related agencies, corporations, or prepared to enter graduate school.

Program of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Community Health PDF icon image

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