Computer Science (B.S.)

"A holistic experience that goes beyond the technology and sets students apart in the eyes of top employers."


Computer Science (B.S.) at USC Upstate

Today’s professional environment for computer science and information technology professionals is as dynamic and rapidly growing as it’s ever been. The Computer Science program takes students beyond the technology aspects of the field for a more holistic experience that will set them apart in the eyes of top employers.

Preparing the next generation of leaders in computer programming and information technology

In addition to your computer programming coursework, you’ll complete courses in business administration, English, and other areas of the liberal arts. This will equip you with the broadened perspective, as well as skills in communication and critical thinking, that are vital to ascend the professional ranks.

The program offers two areas of focus—scientific computing and enterprise solutions—as well as internship opportunities with highly respected organizations across the Upstate region. Graduates of the program are prepared for a wide range of information management positions throughout the broad spectrum of business and industry.