History (B.A.)

An education in history teaches skills in communication, problem-solving, research, and other transferable skills to prepare you for a number of careers.

History (B.A.) at USC Upstate

About the History Major

A B.A. in History is designed to give you the critical thinking skills and writing skills necessary to thrive whatever your career choice. Our award-winning faculty members are known for their teaching and research skills. We offer one-on-one advising and mentorship, and love interacting with our students. We have several opportunities for independent study and multidisciplinary courses in Women’s Studies and African-American Studies.

Careers in History

HPPA programs help prepare students for careers as attorneys, historians, researchers, educators, civil servants, as well as any field that values critical thinking, writing, and research skills. Our graduates have also gone on to complete masters and doctoral degrees in Law, History, Religious Studies, and Education.

Our alumni work locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally as lawyers, paralegals, survey statisticians, city planners, teachers, and officers in the armed services.

What Kind of Courses Will I Take?

Students must complete a total of 39 credit hours with a grade of C or better in all courses including at least one course in each region at the 300-level or above as well as four other 300-level or above courses of their choosing, U.S. and World History surveys, required courses in historical methods and directed research in senior seminar.

Students pursuing a B.A. in History or Secondary Education History must complete 12 credits of history at the 300-or above level and directed research in the required senior seminar. A minimum of twelve credits at the 300-level or above must be completed before enrolling in the senior seminar. Many Secondary Education History students decide to complete a second degree in History with the addition of a few additional courses.


If you have questions about our major, you can contact Department Chair Dr. Trevor Rubenzer at Rubenzer@uscupstate.edu or call 864-503-5633. You can also reach our administrative professional Barbara Chastain at 864-503-7033. We look forward to hearing from you!