History (B.A.)

An education in history teaches skills in communication, problem-solving, research, and other transferable skills to prepare you for a number of careers.

History (B.A.) at USC Upstate

The history major is divided into three major geographical regions; Europe, Non-Western, and the United States. In addition, there are specific course offerings on women's history and African-American history, as well as special topics courses and opportunities for independent study.

Students must complete a total of 39 credit hours with a grade of C or better in all courses including at least one course in each region at the 300-level or above as well as four other 300-level or above courses of their choosing, U.S. and World History surveys, required courses in historical methods and directed research in senior seminar. 

Students pursuing a B.A. in History or Secondary Education History must complete 12 credits of history at the 300-or above level and directed research in the required senior seminar. A minimum of twelve credits at the 300-level or above must be completed before enrolling in the senior seminar.