Mathematics (B.S.)

Mathematics affords career opportunities in education, finance, engineering, manufacturing, scientific computing, accounting and other research-oriented fields.


Mathematics (B.S.) at USC Upstate

Few academic disciplines open more doors of professional opportunity as mathematics, laying a foundation for careers in everything from finance, to engineering, to manufacturing and virtually all points in between. The Mathematics program offers exceptional preparation through personalized instruction from accomplished experts, and a challenging exploration of cutting-edge mathematical concepts and principles.

Concentrations in mathematics and statistics cover a broader spectrum of student goals and interests.

Students in the program can choose from concentrations in mathematics and statistics, as a way to align the learning experience with their unique career goals. In each of those concentrations, the curriculum is as rigorous and challenging as it is fulfilling and enlightening. This is why alumni consistently return to Upstate to recruit current students for professional positions, because of the program’s proven legacy of excellence.