Sociology (B.A.)

"I chose sociology and psychology so I could advocate for children."



The field of sociology touches a seemingly endless range of professional disciplines, from politics and law to advertising, media, and non-profit endeavors, among many others. The Sociology program equips students to effectively apply sociological principles to real-world 21st-century problems and issues as a way of providing creative solutions anchored in critical and analytical thinking.

Using the “sociological perspective” to understand human behavior in multiple contexts.

As a student in the program you will explore human behavior in the context of social, historical, and cultural influences and, from there, use critical thinking and analysis to apply what you’ve learned to the most current institutional patterns and societal structures. The program places a heightened emphasis on internships, with students taking advantage of hands-on experiences at places like the American Red Cross, the Boys and Girls Club, the Department of Social Services, and Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, among others.