Theatre (B.A.)

“We’re training our students to compete in major markets, whether it’s for acting roles or leadership. What we teach in the studio classrooms is important, but our main stage productions are our finest classroom.”

Lee Neibert | Director, USC Upstate Theatre Program

Theatre stage

The world of theatre is characterized by boundless creativity, talent and passion. And this is how we think of the theatre program at Upstate—boundless. Our program offers a rich depth of opportunities to perform, produce, create, design, direct and travel to visit some of the most iconic theatres in the world.

Student-run performances and productions throughout the year to let their talents shine.

As a theatre major you can choose from performance and production concentrations, depending on your talents and professional dreams. We prepare students as theatre generalists, who gain the kind of deep appreciation for the history, theory and practice that set them apart in the eyes of employers and elite graduate programs.

Students coordinate four main stage and countless studio productions each semester. Our internship program may take you all the way to the esteemed Rose Theatre in London. And you’ll find our graduates working everywhere from Disney, to Universal Studios, to innovative theatre companies in Los Angeles and New York City.