Art Education

Program Type: Major
Program Level: Undergraduate
Department: Majors

Accredited by NASAD, the major national accreditation organization for design and education, USC Upstate offers a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education that leads to initial certification to teach art in K-12 schools.
This practical preparation of qualified individuals is designed to provide graduates experiences in studio art, art history, educational theories and dispositions that will prepare them to teach effectively.

For more information, visit the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

    • 100 hours of practical experience in public schools of the Upstate
    • Visitation to diverse school environments
    • Development of e-portfolio throughout the program
    • Engagement in highly technical programs
    • Direct hands-on learning with FOCUS Gallery for schools
    • Service Learning with Spartanburg Art Museum and other art agencies
    • Spartanburg Art Museum
    • The Johnson Collection, Spartanburg
    • The Public Schools of the Upstate
    • BA Art Education
    • Entrance Requirements
    • Program of Study
  • The main mission of the program is to support the University’s mission by working to improve our students’ ability to be effective communicators and to increase their awareness of environments of art and education, as well as to consider shifts in visual codes. The integrated content areas of visual arts theory: Production, history, criticism and aesthetics, develop the needed creative and technical skills in problem solving.

    A focus of the program is to prepare our highly trained candidates to be licensed in K-12 art classrooms or find suitable work in museums and community art organizations in the Upstate and surrounding communities.