Art Studio

Program Type: Major
Program Level: Undergraduate
Department: Majors

A degree in Graphic Design prepares students with the fundamental skills necessary for careers and graduate work that includes design for print and web, electronic design, and illustration. Coursework provides a foundation in creativity, critical thinking, and problem analysis. Students learn skills for professional practice by integrating the content areas of design theory, production, history, criticism and aesthetics.

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    • Think and write critically about art and design with reference to historical periods, movements, artists, styles, cultures, criticism, theory, and design analysis 
    • Demonstrate knowledge and communicate art historical periods, movements, artists, styles, cultures, criticism, theory and design analysis in visual formats 
    • Demonstrate the development and application of the skills necessary to create original designs and components of visual communication 
    • Demonstrate the ability to apply and present verbal articulation in analysis of work
  • The curriculum integrates traditional art techniques with industry standards of digital technology, and experiential learning through internships. With the variety of positions in graphic design, there also is a wide range of annual salaries available. Graduates of the BA program are employed in creative departments of corporations, retail establishments, advertising/design firms, publishing and public relations firms. While many graduates start as junior or entry-level graphic designers, there is potential to work up to executive level positions.

  • Internships and experiential learning give students real world experiences that lead them toward their career past graduation. Students are encouraged to minor in Art History, as it requires only two additional art history courses in addition to the four required by the major. This is recognized as a strengthening to student’s skills/knowledge and a positive addition to the resume.

    • Whipp, Inc. 
    • Spartanburg Art Museum
    • The Johnson Collection (private art collection)
    • Hubbell Lighting
    • The STUDIO Practicum, 
    • West Main Artist Coop
    • Boys & Girls Club of the Upstate
    • Spartanburg Art Museum
    • The Palladian Group
    • Susan G. Komen for the Cure
    • Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System 
    • Spartanburg Herald Journal
  • The primary mission of the Visual Arts program, BA Art Studio emphasis Graphic Design, is to support the University’s mission by improving students’ ability to be effective visual communicators and increase perception of global environments in design and consider global shifts in visual codes. The integrated content areas of design theory: production, history, criticism, and aesthetics, develops the necessary creative and technical skills involved in graphic problem solving. Attention is paid to ethical practices, students’ roles as citizens, and the impact their designs could have on society.