Program Type: Major
Program Level: Undergraduate
Department: Majors

The chemistry program is certified by the American Chemical Society, that organization's highest recognition of an undergraduate program. Students have access to cutting-edge equipment in both teaching and research labs usually only found at much larger institutions. For students interested in pursuing a career in forensics after graduation, there is a customized chemistry degree to prepare students for work in a crime lab.

A Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is typically completed in four years of full-time enrollment. Course descriptions may be read in the academic catalog. Students are encouraged to follow their progress with a degree completion worksheet.

For more information, visit the College of Science and Technology.

  • This American Chemical Society certified program includes traditional areas study such as organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry as well as biochemistry and upper-level classes in chemical instrumentation, spectroscopic interpretation, medicinal chemistry, environmental chemistry, and polymer science.

    The curriculum includes general education requirements as well as 12 hours of calculus, two semesters of physics, 26 hours of core 300- and 500-level chemistry courses, seven hours of upper-level chemistry electives, and junior and senior seminar courses.

  • Chemistry majors have a variety of career options because of their strong math and laboratory skills. Some graduates from USC Upstate have started work with industry directly, while others have entered graduate school for master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

    Other possibilities include working in government labs, teaching, chemical or pharmaceutical sales, forensic or environmental science, scientific journalism, or professional schools like medicine, pharmacy, or dentistry.

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