Computer Science

Program Type: Major
Program Level: Undergraduate
Department: Majors

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Systems strikes a balance between knowledge in computer science and business. In addition to taking courses in computer science, students also take courses in business administration and English for enhancing communication skills and knowledge required in a business environment.

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  • The general education requirements for this major consists of coursework in liberal arts, which need to be taken before the core requirements in computer programming (Java, C++, and Visual Basic). Students are therefore required to take differential and integral calculus. The program provides two focus areas (scientific computing and enterprise solutions), each with a minimum of 9 hours. Students from other disciplines wishing to minor in CS could do so by taking 6 hours of math and 21 hours of computer science coursework.

  • Career opportunities for students earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Systems include software developer, system analyst, information technology manager, web application developer, database analyst, data architect, network analyst, network administrator, database administrator, security specialist, and system administrator.

  • The Division of Mathematics and Computer Science has established internship programs through the Career Center and with major corporations in the Upstate. Students in their senior year are strongly encouraged to seek internship opportunities at one of the many partnering corporations such as BWM Manufacturing, Michelin and Milliken.