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Welcome to the Mary Black COlLEGE of Nursing

If you have been accepted to the RN-BSN program for an upcoming term, then this is where you will find all of the details that you need to get prepared for your enrollment.


Next Steps

Accepted - You have been accepted to the program pending any remaining final transcripts, your completed Criminal Background Check and your unencumbered nursing license.

  • Current students will meet with Trish Wade, RN-BSN Advisor, for first semester registration.  You will be assigned a faculty advisor for all future advisement sessions.
  • How to Enroll in Classes in Self-Service Carolina
  • Order textbooks—the listing of books/ISBN numbers is available through our University Bookstore website.
  • You may purchase or rent textbooks through any vendor such as Amazon
  • Claim Your VIP ID.  This will allow you to log into the Self Service Carolina.  Detailed instructions can be found in your Welcome Packet or on our website, .
  • Submit citizenship verification information.
  • SC Residents Only complete residency information: (
  • Get connected to your accounts and services through the Division of Information Technology (IT).  This includes setting up your email, Self Service Carolina, and BlackBoard.
  • How to Find Your Advisor in Self-Service Carolina
    Once an advisor has been assigned to you their name and an email link will be in your Student Profile in SSC.
    • Click the Student Button
    • Click the Student Profile Menu
  • Attend RN-BSN Virtual Orientation—while not mandatory, it is highly recommended.  Below is the orientation video for our students who started the program Fall 2021 for those who would like to watch.
    Watch on YouTube YouTube icon
  • Two weeks before classes begin, check your Blackboard for the “BOOT CAMP” that Dr. Kennedy posted for you.  This will count towards your NURS U350 class.  This Boot Camp provides you with resources for your academic success and how to navigate Blackboard.
Financial Aid and Tuition
  • Refer to the USC Upstate financial aid information on the website for details about applying for or transferring financial aid to USC Upstate. Our federal school code is 006951. Use this code to submit your FAFSA at
  • You may setup a payment plan with 25% down through   Many of you prefer to make payments each semester instead of paying tuition in-full.  If your financial aid is not yet in place, paying 25% down will allow you time to get that step in order. 
Tips for Success
  • Once you register, write down or take a screen shot of your classes—if for any reason they are dropped or disappear, you simply need to re-register for those same classes/sections.
  • All the links that you will ever need for your time at USC Upstate can be found at:
  • Keep your eyes open for Trish Wade’s reminders and updates throughout the academic year in Blackboard announcements.
  • Great tips and information for online students can be found at:
  • The best internet browser for your USC Upstate apps is Google Chrome
  • Interested in continuing with your graduate studies with USC Upstate??  We now offer three MSN degrees and you can get a head start by substituting two Master’s level classes in place of your NURS U420 electives in your last semester.
  • Check your Upstate email DAILY
Celebrating RN-BSN Students

Shirley DeWeese

When retirement age arrived, I realized I still had unfulfilled dreams. I was not ready to retire and wanted to finish the education that I began 30 years earlier as a ‘mature’ student of 36.  USC Upstate/Palmetto College offered the online RN-BSN program and quickly responded to my questions. I applied and was welcomed into the program. I was concerned about the impersonal nature of online learning but found that the instructors were amazing! They were available to answer questions, offer help and share their knowledge. They have taught me so much. This program was just the first step. I am now working on earning an MSN degree at USC Upstate, and hope to continue to earn a DNP. 



Debrina Howe

Hello, my name is Debrina Howe, and I am a registered nurse at King Edward VIII Memorial Hospital in Bermuda. USC Upstate made my dreams become a reality at the age of 42. Having pursued my associate degree in nursing (ADN) in 2016 here in Bermuda as a mature student and sitting my NCLEX in New York State in 2018,  I was encouraged by my former classmate to complete the BSN with USC. It was the best choice I could have made. Although I was an online student in Bermuda, the experience was excellent.  The staff at USC were helpful and resourceful. Many sleepless nights and shift swaps to meet deadlines were worth it in the end. I faced many challenges throughout my program that left me feeling sad and defeated. Still, my advisors and the faculty gave me the encouragement I needed to make it through the program, and for that, I will forever be grateful. (Thank you, Dr. Gibb). Unable to attend the USC graduate ceremony, I live-streamed the ceremony and hosted my own commencement with friends and family to reenact and live the USC graduation dream. No Spartan left behind. From the tiny island of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean, where Islanders love the game of cricket, the saying goes..."Stick to the wicket; the runs will come." Perseverance and the passion for caring for others were the keys to my success. I did not choose nursing; nursing chose me. 


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Deborah Luther c/o Summer '20

I graduated from my FNP program with honors on August 15, 2022. I want to thank you (Trish Wade) and Dr. Kennedy for all of the help you provided me during my time at USC Upstate during the fall of 2019 through Summer 2020.  I remember calling you four years ago asking for your help to obtain my BSN and you graciously helped me and provided encouragement to me, an older student. I will forever be thankful and grateful for you. Thank you!!

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Brittany Vazquez c/o '22

My bachelor’s degree will allow me access to new opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to with just my associate’s degree. My professional plans include growing in my career as a nurse and then advancing to an upper leadership management position.”

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Jenna Callaham Hahn '21

University of South Carolina Upstate was one of the smoothest transitions from ADN to BSN. USC Upstate went above and beyond to make sure I had all the materials I needed to make exceptional grades and learn excellent critical thinking skills. Every teacher I met made sure I felt supported and appreciated throughout the program. I am so thankful for this program!;

I have been encouraged to work towards my Masters. Starting next Summer, I will be studying to be a Nurse Practitioner. I believe USC Upstate has prepared me well and helped me shoot for the stars! 

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Rachel Smith

Rachel is a graduate of Greenville Technical College with an associate degree in nursing and her BSN with USC Upstate in December 2020. Rachel also belongs to the Phi Theta Kappa honor society of the Alpha Zeta Sigma Chapter and she graduated with a 4.0 G.P.A. Rachel is a registered nurse in the Gastrointestinal (GI) Lab at Prisma Health Upstate where she has been employed for 22 years. She is a charge nurse as well as a staff nurse in the GI Lab. Rachel believes that nursing is not just a profession, it is her calling and ministry. It is her desire to heal the body and the soul of her patients.

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Kat Zeady Gause, May '21

Kat graduated with her RN-BSN in May 2021. This photo is of her working at CVICU during the program, while she was 9 months pregnant. Our program was able to work with her and offer her a flexible schedule - Kat graduated with a 3.96 GPA and plans to pursue her Master's degree.

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Nadia Rughubeer

I am Nadia and I was born in the beautiful country of Guyana, located on the east coast of South America. I moved to New York with my family when I was fifteen years old. I attended nursing school while I worked as a Patient Care Technician. I earned my Nursing degree from Ellis Hospital School of Nursing in New York. I was supposed to start my BSN right after I graduated nursing school; instead, I got married to an amazing man and birthed two children who are now eleven and thirteen years old. My clinical specialties are medical-surgical nursing, post-acute care, and geriatrics. I am returning to school because I want to expand my potential as a Professional Nurse with higher education and application of that knowledge to enhance my practice and to provide evidenced-based, quality of care to my patients and families. I believe that the BSN track will empower me to be more confident and knowledgeable to be a great caregiver, communicator, educator, and leader.

Continue with USC for your MSN Degree

Interested in continuing with your graduate studies with USC Upstate?  We now offer three MSN degrees and you can get a head start by substituting two Master's level classes in place of your NURS U420 electives in your last semester, saving you time and funds. 

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