Course Sequence Outline
All coursework is completed online; except for the practicum hours. Part-time study is also possible. Students should seek guidance regarding required sequencing.

Required Prerequisite
Completion of a BSN degree and unencumbered licensure as a registered nurse

First Semester

NURS 700 (3)

NURS 700:  Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations for Nursing (3 credit hours) 
Explores various nursing theories and the utilization of nursing theory both to health care delivery and to the role of the advanced practice nurse. Investigates nursing theory and its relationship to providing comprehensive and holistic nursing care.  
Prerequisite: Admission to graduate program

NURS 701 (3)

NURS 701: Health Promotion and Advanced Health Assessment (3 credit hours) 
Examines comprehensive advanced holistic health assessment skills based on the integration of the advanced theoretical and empirical knowledge necessary to identify health needs and risks. An emphasis will be placed on the differentiation between normal and abnormal findings, integration of laboratory findings and diagnostic reasoning analyses for clinical decision making, incorporating the principles of health promotion. 
Prerequisite: Admission to the graduate program

NURS 702 (3)

NURS 702: Advanced Pathophysiology (3 credit hours) 
Examines the pathophysiological basis of disease processes. Includes advanced pathophysiological concepts for all body systems as a foundation for clinical decision making and nursing management by the advanced practice. 
Prerequisite: Admission to the graduate program

NURS 703 (2)

NURS 703: Cultural Perspectives in Healthcare (2 credit hours) 
Emphasis on understanding the ways cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, linguistic, spiritual, religious and lifestyle variations are expressed. Attention is directed at increasing the capacity of health care professionals to develop culturally sensitive health care systems. 
Prerequisite: Admission to the graduate program

Semester Total11 Credit Hours

Second Semester

NURS 710 (3)

NURS 710: Nursing Research Methods (3 credit hours) 
Prepares advanced practice nurses with skills and knowledge needed to use nursing research to provide high quality nursing care, initiate change and promote evidence based practice. Evidence based practice models will be used for the evaluation and application of scientific knowledge surrounding practice issues. 
Prerequisite: NUS 700

NURS 711 (2)

NURS 711: Health Care Delivery Systems (2 credit hours) 
Examines health care policy organization and finance. Explores the role of the advanced practice nurse in providing high quality, cost effective care and addresses issues related to the delivery of healthcare. 
Prerequisite: NURS 700

NURS 712 (3)

NURS 712: Role of the Nurse as Leader (3 credit hours) 
Examines leadership in the healthcare delivery system across all settings. The definition and role of the transformational nurse leader will be explored as well as implementation across various settings. Fundamental aspects of nurse leadership will be expanded upon to prepare the graduate for this multifaceted responsibility. 
Prerequisite: NURS 700

NURS 713 (1)

NURS 713: CNL Practicum I (1 credit hour) 
Introduces the CNL role as clinician, outcomes manager, client advocate, educator, information manager, systems analysis, team member and lifelong learner. CNL portfolio is initiated. Minimum of 75 clinical practicum hours is required. 
Prerequisite: NURS 700; Prerequisite or corequisite: NURS 712

Semester Total: 9 Credit Hours  

Summer Semester (optional instead of NURS 703)

NURS 715 (2)

NURS 715:  Global Healthcare (2 credit hours) 
Immersion experience in an international or national setting. Explores the interplay of culture, public health, ethics, social justice, policy, and models of health care delivery in a global perspective. Course will require travel and related expenses. 
Prerequisite: Admission to the graduate program

Semester Total: 2 Credit Hours

Third Semester

NURS 720 (3)

NURS 720: Advanced Applied Pharmacology (3 credit hours) 
Comprehensive review of pharmacological concepts and principles. Focuses on use of pharmacotherapeutics in the treatment of disease and health promotion. 
Prerequisite: Admission to the graduate program

NURS 721 (2)

NURS 721: Quality and Risk Management in Health Systems Leadership (2 credit hours) 
Examines the application of leadership principles to clinical quality and risk management. Includes an emphasis on clinical judgment and decision making skills in illness management, health restoration and risk reduction in prototypic health care problems. 
Prerequisite: NURS 711 & NURS 712

NURS 722 (2)

NURS 722: Data Analysis in the Healthcare System (2 credit hours) 
Examines appropriate data analysis techniques to various research designs. Provides an overview of health information systems that are utilized to develop patient data sets and safeguard privacy. 
Prerequisite: NURS 710; Corequisite: NURS 721

NURS 723 (1)

NURS 723: Evidence Based Practice Project I (1 credit hour) 
Provides an opportunity for students to address problems in health systems leadership education using evidence based approaches. 
Prerequisite NURS 710; Prerequisite or corequisite: NURS 722

NURS 724 (1)

NURS 724: CNL Practicum II (1 credit hour) 
Transition of students into the CNL role as clinician, outcomes manager, client advocate, educator, information manager, systems analysis, team member and lifelong learner. The student functions under the guidance of a faculty member and clinical preceptor with emphasis on microsystem assessment. Includes continued documentation for the CNL portfolio. Involves 75 clinical hours. 
Prerequisites: NURS 711 & NURS 713; Prerequisite or corequisite: NURS 720

Semester Total: 9 Credit Hours

Fourth Semester

NURS 730 3

NURS 730: Outcomes Evaluation in Healthcare Systems Leadership (3 credit hours)
Investigates accountability for health care outcomes for specific groups of clients within a unit or setting. Application of research is utilized to implement and evaluate plans of care. Relevant factors are synthesized to evaluate and achieve optimal patient and outcomes.
Prerequisites: NURS 711, NURS 712, NURS 721 & NURS 722

NURS 731 (2)

NURS 731: Evidence Based Practice Project II (2 credit hours)
Culminates the evidence based practice project initiated in previous semester. Includes the creation of a final portfolio document that verifies the development and competency of the student in the CNL role. The portfolio records the student’s achievements.
Prerequisites: NURS 723 & NURS 724;
Corequisite: NURS 732

NURS 732 (4)

NURS 732: CNL Practicum III (4 credit hours)
Immersion experiences in the role of the CNL. Involves 300 clinical hours.
Prerequisites: NURS 720, NURS 722, NURS 723 & NURS 724;
Prerequisite or corequisite: NURS 730;
Corequisite: NURS 731

Semester Total: 9 Credit Hours

Total Program Credit Hours: 38