Program Type: Minor
Program Level: Undergraduate
Department: Minors

The study of world languages, literatures, and cultures lies at the very center of the humanities. World language majors not only acquire skills in reading, writing and speaking many languages, but they also explore and develop an appreciation for the literature, history, and broader cultures of lands and peoples around the globe. The French program at USC Upstate offers students the opportunity to study the language and literature of the French-speaking world. 

Our alumni are working in multi-national companies, global non-profit organizations, as well as universities and schools around the world. 60 French corporations are located in the Charlotte, NC, area, with another two dozen in our Upstate region of South Carolina. See the French American Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast Job Listings and the French American Chamber of Commerce of the Carolinas Calendar of Events for a small sample of careers that open up to graduates with French language skills. 

Join our USC Upstate French community on Twitter at #FR1011.

Photo of USC Upstate French Club Students posing in front of a French flag

For more information, visit the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

  • Students are required to complete 18 hours, six courses, for the French minor.

    Core Course (3 credits): 

    • FREN U202: Intermediate French II or FREN U210 French Oral Communication

    French Electives (15 credits):

    • FREN U308: Business French (3 credits)
    • FREN U309: French Grammar and Composition (3 credits)
    • FREN U310: French Conversation (3 credits) 
    • FREN U320: French Civilization (3 credits)
    • FREN U330: Survey of French Literature I (3 credits)
    • FREN U331: Survey of French Literature II (3 credits)
    • FREN U250 or FREN U350: Selected French Studies Abroad (3 credits)
    • FREN U398: Topics in French Language or Literature (3 credits)
    • FREN U399: Independent Study (3 credits)
    • FREN U402: Masterpieces of French Drama (3 credits)
    • FREN U499: Internship (3 credits)
  • With a rich international business community, the Upstate region offers many opportunities to connect with French culture and communities. Michelin is the largest French company in the area, but dozens of other businesses connect France to our own backyard.

    How can you connect with French culture online or in the Upstate?