Nonprofit Administration

Program Type: Minor
Program Level: Undergraduate
Department: Minors

Do you have a desire to help others? Are you concerned about your community or the environment? Is there an advocacy group or a professional organization that you would like to promote? Let that desire become a part of your degree program by minoring in nonprofit administration.

Nonprofit organizations comprise an industry that covers a broad range of purposes with spheres of influence ranging from National Public Radio to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to the World Wildlife Fund. The Occupational Outlook Handbook (2014) predicts that between 2012 and 2022, the nonprofit job outlook will increase 21%. The purpose of the nonprofit administration minor is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively in nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit administration minor consists of 7 classes (21 credit hours).

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Required Courses
Required Core Courses   Credit Hours
NPAD 301: The Nonprofit Sector in the United States   3
NPAD 302: Nonprofit Leadership   3
NPAD 303: Nonprofit Financial Administration   3
Choose one of the following courses:    
NPAD 399: Independent Study   3
NPAD 499: Field Experience in Nonprofit Leadership   3
Choose one of the following courses:    
JOUR 350: Social and Emerging Media   3
INFO 201: Concepts of Info Management & Systems   3
Choose one of the following courses:    
POLI 101: American National Government   3
SOCY 101: Introduction to Sociology    3