Psychology (Minor)

Program Type: Minor
Program Level: Undergraduate
Department: Minors

A minor in Psychology will provide students with the ability to describe, understand, and explain human behavior. This program allows students to explore their individual interests in Psychology, and will prove helpful when paired with nearly any other discipline.

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Required Courses

A minor in psychology requires 21 hours:

  • PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology
  • One course from Group A:
PSYC 303: Learning and Memory 
PSYC 304:  Cognitive Psychology 
PSYC 305:  Sensation and Perception 
PSYC 306:  Cognitive Neuroscience 
PSYC 308:  Physiological Psychology 


  • One course from Group B:
PSYC 302
PSYC 307
PSYC 309
PSYC 310
PSYC 311
PSYC 312:  Health Psychology
PSYC 330:  Applied Psychology