Spanish Minor

Program Type: Minor
Program Level: Undergraduate
Department: Minors

The minor in Spanish is a great complement to majors in business, criminal justice, nursing, education, psychology, child advocacy, nursing, Engineering Technology Management, pre-law, and many other fields.  

Students pursuing the minor in Spanish open up future career opportunities and gain a competitive edge on the job market. Imagine a Spanish-speaking client entering a law firm or a bank, a Spanish-speaking parent arriving for a parent-teacher conference, a global corporation sending an engineering team to collaborate with one of its branches in Mexico, or a Spanish-speaking child being diagnosed with a learning disability or a chronic disease. Professionals in all those fields who can communicate in Spanish have the ability to provide more comfort, share more expertise, and make far more connections than their English-only peers.

Students enrolled in the minor complete or place out of introductory (101-102) and intermediate Spanish (201-202). The minor requires SPAN U202 and five other upper-level Spanish courses in speaking, writing, culture, literature, translation/interpreting, and/or Spanish in the professions (legal, business, education, and health). Minors are also able to complete much of their course-work over the summer through regular USC Upstate courses, summer study abroad programs in Spain or Costa Rica, through spring break service learning experiences in Nicaragua, and through internships that connect the student's major with their interest in Spanish. 

¿Hablas español en casa? ¿Te gustaría aprender más sobre tu cultura y el mundo hispánico? ¿Buscas perfeccionar tu español oral o escrito? ¿Quieres estudiar en el extranjero? ¿O tal vez te interesa aprender sobre la traducción y la interpretación para carreras médicas o legales? ¿Te gustaría participar en actividades sin fin de lucro con líderes comunitarios? Aprovecha de muchas oportunidades para desarrollar liderazgo.

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