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Frequently Asked Questions: RN-BSN


When are applications due?
Applications to both USC Upstate and the School of Nursing are due by March 1 for the following fall semester.  We do not accept late applications.
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Can I apply online?
You can apply to USC Upstate online.  Please note that official transcripts from each school that you have attended will be required at the time of application.  An acceptance to USC Upstate does not guarantee acceptance to the School of Nursing.  The application for the nursing program is available online, but must be printed and sent in.  Instructions are included on the application and should be followed with great care.
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If I am not accepted, do I have to reapply?
Yes.  You would have to apply again for each year in which you would like to be considered. 
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How many applications do you normally get?
We receive anywhere from 200 applications each year.
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How many students do you accept into the nursing program each semester?
This could vary, but typically we accept 100-200 students.
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Do you have a waiting list?
We do create a waiting list of 15 to 20 students.  If an accepted student declines his/her spot, someone from the waiting list will be placed in the program.  This list is only for that particular semester and does not give the student a position in the program or on the waiting list for any following semester.  If someone on the waiting list does not gain a spot in the program, he would have to reapply.
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When will I receive a decision letter regarding acceptance to the School of Nursing?
If you applied for a fall semester by March 1, you will hear by the end of May. Acceptance to USC Upstate does not guarantee acceptance to the School of Nursing.
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If I am an online student, will I ever have to come to campus?
All RN-BSN students will be expected to attend one Mandatory RN-BSN orientation at USC Upstate just prior to the start of classes.
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If I do not live in SC, do I have to pay out-of-state tuition if I chose the online method of instruction?
Tuition for all programs at USC Upstate is based on residency, regardless of the method of instruction.
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Does it help if I send in letters of recommendation with my application?
It does not help to send in letters of recommendation.  Qualified students who have completed all prerequisites will be given priority.
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How is the GPA figured to get into the nursing program?
Your GPA is not considered for the RN-BSN program.  You must have graduated from an accredited associate degree or diploma program in nursing, hold a current unencumbered RN license, and have completed all prerequisite courses with a “C” or better.
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How do I find out what prerequisite courses I need?
You should submit your transcripts from each college that you have attended for a transcript review.  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for the unofficial transcript review; however, you must provide official transcripts when you apply to USC Upstate.Your transcripts can be mailed, faxed, or brought in.  You should include all contact information, including an email and SS # if you would like us to enter your information into our database for future reference.  You can also make an appointment at the Greenville campus, 864-552-4262 or 864-552-4248 or 888-551-3858 to meet with someone in person.
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When must my prerequisite courses be completed?
Effective fall 2012: For fall admission, you must complete your prerequisite courses by the end of the previous spring semester. Students who have completed all prerequisites (including NCLEX-RN© if applicable) by the application deadline will receive priority.
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How long does the program take to complete?
The program takes one calendar year to complete if attending full-time.
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I read that if I fail a nursing class, I can repeat it only one time.  A second failure (anything below a “C”), will result in my dismissal from the program.  Is there ever an exception to this rule?
If you fail any nursing course, you will be required to take that course alone prior to taking any further classes.   You can repeat the course only one time.  Upon repeating the course, even if you pass it with an “A”, a second failure in another nursing course will result in dismissal from the program.
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Why do I need to take prerequisite courses like Fine Arts and History?  How will this help me with my nursing career?
The faculty at USC Upstate retains legislative powers in all matters pertaining to curricula.  USC Upstate strives to prepare its students to participate as responsible citizens in a diverse, global and knowledge-based society, to pursue excellence in their chosen careers and to continue learning throughout life.  As such, the faculty has adopted a set of general education competencies – fundamental skills needed upon graduation from a Baccalaureate program.  These competencies can be reviewed in the online academic catalog.  General educations courses have been chosen to allow students to gain these competencies.
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What is the difference between the in-class and online methods of instruction?
Both methods have the exact same curriculum.  University Center Greenville classes meet one day a week for face-to-face instruction.  Online classes meet over the internet with no set meeting times.
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Can I switch between the two methods of instruction?
You cannot switch midterm.  However, we may be able to switch you at the beginning of a term if there is space available.  You would contact your advisor for details.
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Can I get materials on your nursing program?
We receive such a large number of requests for information, that sending out materials through the mail has become cost prohibitive.  All information is available on the website.
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Can I get a tour of your facility?
You can attend an Open House or Fabulous Friday.  You can register for those online or call the Admissions Office.  Or you can schedule a tour and interview directly through the Admissions Office.
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